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Sugar Beauty Apothecary

Sunless Tanning Mist with Aloe & Witch Hazel

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An easy, self-tanning spray for a summer glow. Say hello to sun-kissed skin with the self-tanning spray mist! Transform the appearance of uneven skin tone to a streak-free golden glow. Packaged with spray technology for the user to be able to apply all over the body- front and back- for an even appearance. Key Benefits Quick-drying formula, easy no-rub application, quick-drying for flawless color. Our combination of witch hazel and aloe leaf extracts help to soothe the skin and seal in moisture for a natural color to pop! Hydrate and tan with sunless tanning mist plus NO odor typical of many spray tans on the market. A light, natural feel for your bronzed body without harsh chemicals.

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